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Why Persumer?

People behave in very diverse ways, online and offline, and with technological advancements this diversity is increasingly measurable. Uncovering and explaining past and current behavior increases the reliability of predictions about future behavior and possible the influence external factors can have.

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What we do



To prevent “Garbage in = Garbage out” previous (psychological) research and theories will form the theoretical base on which customized research will be built.



As an ever changing market, technology provide us with a multitude of options to measure behaviour. We keep track of the technological advancements in order to advice you in the best possible way.



The customized (psychological) research done by Persumer will provide you a starting point to develop a deeper and more reliable relationship with your customer, as if it was a real person.



Either during the measuring phase or during the eventual implementation of the findings, we will also look at the possibilities to gamify your situation, this way research will be more fun, for you and your customer.


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